American Home Suites is an extended stay community unlike a standard hotel at a fraction of the cost. In order to keep out prices low and our quality high, please be familiar with our policies.

  • The registrant is responsible for all damages in the suite.
  • Registrant may inspect room prior to check-in however there are no refunds (excluding deposits) for early departure.
  • Check out time is 9:00 AM and check in time is 3:00 PM.
  • All guests are responsible for their belongings. American Home Suites is not liable for guest losses.
  • Suite occupancy is limited to registered guests only.
  • If you are expecting overnight guests, 24 hour advanced notice is required by email to americanhomesuites@gmail.com with the duration of their stay, names, license plate number, and vehicle information. Within 24 hours of their arrival, guests must stop by the office with photo identification to be added to the rental agreement.  Guests cannot exceed the maximum occupancy of the room. Maximum occupancy is set by management and consistent with the fire marshal.
  • If we discover any unauthorized visitors or undeclared occupants using your room, we will ask you to leave the premises immediately and there will be no refunds.  
  • The open area behind the property is available for use and offers views and a walking area. There are several risks to consider. Rocky paths, sharp cliff edges, insects, and other potentially dangerous hazards are present. This area is used entirely at the risk of guests and pets. American Home Suites is not responsible or liable for any damages, injuries, loss, or otherwise related to the use of this area.
  • A 5% transaction fee will apply to all credit card transactions other than deposits.
  • There is a $20 late fee per day for past due payments.
  • Excessive noise or unruly behavior will not be tolerated. Repeated or serious violations will result in removal.
  • Suspicion of illegal or improper conduct is grounds for removal. We will assist law enforcement in prosecution of individuals engaging in illegal activity.
  • Management reserves to the right to enter suite at any time for emergency, safety, and policy violation reasons. Otherwise reasonable notice will be given before entering suite.
  • All tenancies are established on a week to week basis.
  • Reservations must be confirmed with a Reservation Deposit, which is nonrefundable if the reservation is cancelled.
  • Pets are allowed upon management approval.
  • In the event it become necessary to incur collection or attorney’s fees to retake possession of the leased premises or collect any amounts due under the terms of the rental agreement, tenants will be responsible for all such costs, including but not limited to court costs, attorney fees, and collection agency fees on said collection/suit.
  • Room cleaning including air filter is the responsibility of guests. If excessive additional cleaning is required after checkout, a cleaning fee will be assessed. Please do not use suite towels to clean. Cleaning towels are available free of charge.
  • 10 day notice (by 12 PM noon 10 days before checkout) is required by e-mail to end your tenancy. A penalty is assessed for shorter notice. Minimum stay is 14 nights.
  • Weekly linen exchange with the front desk is offered. Excessively dirty or stained linens will be billed to the guest.
  • All of our suites are non-smoking. Smoking in a room is grounds for immediate removal. Smoke smell in a suite will result in a minimum $800 cleaning fee as well as a daily fine based on the weekly room rate for all days the smoke remediation work is performed. Smoking in the doorway with the door open is not allowed; this is considered smoking in the suite. Door must be closed when smoking. Tampering with the smoke detectors in the room will result in a $200 fine.
  • Do not dispose of non septic friendly products in the drains. This includes but is not limited to: feminine products, food scraps, cooking oils/grease, cat litter, paper towels, and hazardous chemicals. Disposal of non-septic friendly products in drains will result in a drainage cleaning fee of $200.
  • We charge a $50 fine per occurrence for not disposing of pet waste in public areas. Pet waste bags are available for purchase in the office.
  • Pets must be leashed while outside of the suite. Violation of leash policy will result in $50  fine per occurrence. Unattended pets will be reported to the Humane Society stray program.
  • There is a $5 fee for lost or damaged key cards.
  • Parking spots are assigned. All vehicles must be noted on the rental agreement. Notify the office of visitors to be assigned a spot. Violators will be towed at vehicle owner’s expense.

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